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Worms by Alexander Semenov

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Ireland by florescent

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Slow Club – Gold Mountain (5,279 plays)

Gold Mountain | Slow Club

No one really is a mystery
We all get found out

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Coeur de Pirate – Ain't No Sunshine (1,101 plays)

Ain’t No Sunshine | Coeur de Pirate 

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dirrrrty lens & aldous

dirrrrty lens & aldous

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Pogo – Go Out And Love Someone (3,341 plays)

"You’ve got to declare yourself openly, otherwise you’ll stay right where you are!"

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Bowerbirds – Walk The Furrows (3,171 plays)

Walk The Furrows | Bowerbirds

Now in a land without leaders
I listen close to the soil beneath me

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Some claim that evolution is just a theory, as if it were merely an opinion.

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